Oracle OSM (Oracle Order and Service Management)

What is Oracle Order and Service Management?

OSM manages the order fulfillment functions that are required to complete an order that is created in a customer relationship management (CRM) system or other order-source system.

OSM central place in your order management solution

Oracle OSM Operates in two distinct layers in telecommunications:

—  Central Order Management

—  Service Order Management


Oracle OSM functions:

Order execution manual and automated processing

Order visibility

Aggregated status calculation and notification

Supplemental and cancellation order handling

Order decomposition

Order relationships and dependency management

Order fallout management

Order risk notification

Order reporting

OSM Architecture:

– OSM Server: J2EE application that is deployed to an Oracle WebLogic server

– OSM Web Clients: Order management personnel to examine and manage orders

– Design Studio: Design-time environment(Eclipse)

– Administrative Tool

– Oracle Database

– Software Development Kit: XQuery, XSLT, or Java configuration,Web service WSDL,XML API schemas

We can use design studio to configure,build and deploy OSM solutions. We can use web clients to monitor order execution.

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