Implementing Fine Grained Audit

conn / as sysdbacreate user zekeriya identified by oracle;grant session,resource to zekeriya;grant execute on dbms_session to zekeriya;grant execute on dbms_fga to zekeriya;conn zekeriya/oraclecreate table kullanici (schema varchar2(20), name varchar2(30), policyname varchar2(30));create procedure log (p_schema varchar2, p_name varchar2, p_policyname varchar2)asbegininsert into kullanicivalues(p_schema,p_name,_p_policyname);end;/BEGINdbms_fga.add_policy( object_schema =>'hr' object_name =>'employees' policy_name =>policyismi audit_condition =>null audit_column =>salary handler_schema =>'zekeriya' handler_module => … Continue reading Implementing Fine Grained Audit